J u l i a n a H e r r e r o




Mixed media installation with sound

Steel cable, electric cable in various colours, mini speakers, stereo sound loop; variable size (about 190cm x 300cm x 240cm) Exhibition views © Kunstraum SUPER

 Nomadentum emerges as a spatial installation that echoes on the architecture of distant spaces connecting fragments as autobiographical traces in a staccato composition, visually and acoustically weaved. The unity in the form of a tent relates to an archetype construction, to a first enclosure model for inhabitation with no specific geographical borders in a broader sense, but intimately related to places of emotional connotations. Therefore, for the installation 16 tents are set up, each for a specific inhabited space. The sound that rhythmically spreads around features a machine voice that reads the coordinates and official reports from online Wikipedia. In contrast, a human voice in whispered tone lets us perceive personal depictions of the spaces or how they are remembered between the words. Those are translated into time capsule recordings: an attempt to unfold connective and disconnective elements in the realm of transience.