J u l i a n a H e r r e r o



2016 Mix Media; Excerpts of Sonnig and Naturalien re-layered

water colour, cooper wire, glass layers, carton

Cooper wire loops intend to register communication traces between latitudes in flattened sections which are intuitive re-layered with no pre-conceptions. They become a mute recording document, as sensing poetical routes that have no intention but celebrate the event of these small episodes telling about nature, their ethereal songs that differ in intensity according to temperature, before or after the rain. The work relates to sound sources of surroundings of the nearby domestic landscapes and remote places -which were self-recorded or provided by friends across the latitudes. Excerpts of "Sonnig" build a reference impression of sound as brightness colour, they are sort of notes of a remembered sound at the sunrise or  sunset times which mostly highlighted the chimes of the crickets.


"I hear the sound of a Naturalien from this side of the ocean and I dissected that sound, transform it, and made a loop"


In this Set at K.H. Renlundsmuseum the piece is  open to the audience notations. 

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