J u l i a n a H e r r e r o



Suspended installation over reflective board with tonal layer;

Steel cable, little stones, tread, micro speakers, anthracite and white coloured wood boards, acryl glass

Sound in loop – composition using metallic sound of materials dissected from the process of weaving the nets

Size (220cm x 160cm x 340cm)

Ausstellungsansicht, © Eva Kelety | Bildrecht Wien 2017

This piece embodies as corpus one of the matrixes that made up the very first work belonging to the series of Sound Floating Landscapes, which was mute at first. It rewrites it as a specific elevated plateau registering the hidden coordinates in a plot and alluding to them as fixed points in space with little stones. It incorporates a tonal layer of crystalline sound aesthetics resulting from moment-by-moment dissections recorded during the process of weaving the wire-nets. The sound composition is abstract and based on the physics and acoustics of the materials relating to the work itself. It almost seems as if the small stones could resemble frozen drops transformed by the musicality of the material, crystallising in a collision. Trying to capture a fleeting moment of a landscape in process of becoming, the title of the work refers to "Pampia" a micro continent that collides with the plate of the Rio de la Plata about 700 million years ago. Today it is an element of the mosaic that forms the South American plate

///The net of public knowledge says:

„The word crystallography derives from the Greek words crystallon "cold drop, frozen drop", with its meaning extending to all solids with some degree of transparency, and graphein "to write" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crystallography

„Pampia was an ancient microcontinent or terrane that collided with Rio de La Plate Craton and Rio Apas Craton during the Pampean orogeny of late Proterozoic and early Cambrian.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pampia

In its setting in Bildraum 01 in the context of the exhibition REM the work is set in dialogue to a transpositional piece: A white Noise, the Grilles and the Sea (2016). Both works together make up a new acoustic composition that combines the crystalline noise of weaving metallic materials with chimes of nature surrounding sounds that highlight the crickets.

More About the exhibition REM

Text by Anna Möslinger in galerytalk.net