J u l i a n a H e r r e r o



2011 Spatial installation

Wood, acoustic foam, duct tape, ropes, steel columns, mirror foil, speakers, looped soundtrack

Variable Size

photo: Virgil Widrich

This spatial installation is approaching nature and its enclosure as an artefact to be explored. The acoustic cloud unfolds into an endless soundscape, turned upside down, mirroring and echoing mixed realities. The geometry of the cloud can be read as a structure of chaos in which the minimal unit is constituted by an equilateral triangle and its multiple subdivisions – considered the basic geometrical figure by the ancient Greek mathematicians. This flexible and articulated structure absorbs sound while it is also an emitter. A sound composition transmitted through small speakers interferes with the ambient level of noise that is being partially absorbed: a mixture of recordings of the street and the studio is combined with other natural and artificial acoustic vibrations. Within the sound waves and the spatial configuration a physical system at the borders of control and non-control is created. This allows variations of sequential folds and densities, creating a dynamic spatial expression that encloses space within the space and deals with the ‘inside – outside’ paradox.

Concept, Design, Artistic Direction: Juliana Herrero in the context of the Art & Science Master Program / University of Applied Arts /// Interactive Modeling and Subdivision of flexible Equilateral Triangular Mechanisms: Günter Wallner, Franz Gruber  / Sound tracks: Romana Egartner / Video: Iulian Moise / Realization team: Juliana Herrero with Irina Busurina, Alin Cirstea, Romana Egartner, Pepa Domingo, Wagner Felipe dos Santos, Rudolf Friemel, Melina Angelina Girardi, Karine Gonzalez, Pepa Domingo, Anna Frida Jónsdóttir, Ashley Holwell, Michal Marencik, Iulian Moise, David Palme, Marion Pöllinger, Richard Schwarz, Nik Stützle, Benjamin Urbanek and Stephanie Worter / Acoustic physics consultancy: Stefan Moser / Structure consultancy: Peter Strasse (University of Applied Arts Vienna) / Material consultancy: OFROOM (Christine Bärnthaler) / Wood - Metal Works: University of Applied Arts Vienna (Stephan Staudigl / August Korischum)

Acoustic Cloud Remix