J u l i a n a H e r r e r o

My work comes from a spatial sensibility and deals with processes of change at the subtle limits of the Inside and Outside. Engaged with vital processes, transformation and growth, I let it play with format and scaledeconstructing, fragmenting and re-layering.

It becomes also site- time- specific. It crystallises mostly in fragile installations, sculptural works as immersive and fictional realities -opening room for participation; 1:1, interventions and performances live. It expands and compresses in abstract empirical paintings, collages, filmic works, conceptual art exceeding “medium”.

I juxtapose sound to visual where beyond the aesthetics I can explore an inner experience of musicality. I am interested in the dialectics of private and public spheres, inner and outer worlds and their osmotic boundaries.

I tackle themes that embrace language, communication, life, nature-artifice, perception in their physical and virtual levels. Within my work I attempt to emotionally provoke the audience while leaving an empty space for the imagination.  


Juliana Herrero: Ausstellungsansicht REM, © Eva Kelety | Bildrecht Wien 2017

Juliana Herrero

*1975 in Choele Choel RN (AR)

lives and works in Vienna since 2006



1:1 musical objects, sound installations, transpositions as synesthesia in watercolor as experimental cyanotype, interventions in situ and live, conceptual art

Education: 1986-1992 INSA Dance and Music / Gral. Roca, R.N. (AR) /// 1994-2000 FADU, UBA Architecture / Buenos Aires (AR) /// 2002-2006 STÄDELSCHULE Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Ffm: Conceptual Design (arch. class) prof. Ben van Berkel (Postgraduate 2004) and 2005-2006 Film Class prof. Mark Leckey 

2010 Co-founded with Ivava Reyero "A la Rueda Rueda" 

Interdisciplinary Art workshops for children- social project in WUK

2010-2014 Assistant professor:

University of Applied Arts Vienna(2010-2014) Art & Science (Prof. Virgil Widrich) and Kunstuniversität Linz(2013-14) space&designstrategies (interim Prof. Alexander Beck)

2013–2015 Artist of the studio and residence program "studio das weisse haus“

2015 Outstanding Artist Awards -Interdisciplinarity 2015 

BKA Federal Chancellery of the Republic of Austria, Arts and Culture. Prize for outstanding achievement (Auszeichnung für die besonderen Leistungen) for MILIEU

2015 Premio Fundación Andreani a las Artes Visuales 2015

Buenos Aires Argentina 3. Prize “Revelación” for MILIEU

Institutional Collection: Fundación Andreani (AR)


Prize (Recognition prize) for „CRUCEANADO“– Interdisciplinary artistic work (Video and Website with Satellite - Interventions) in context of „Buenos Aires 2050“-competition, University of Buenos Aires UBA -in cooperation with Nicolás Herrero and Hao Li



Prize (Recognition prize) for „Indo“ Pavement landscape – „Forbokromenie“ of MNBA (Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes)

in cooperation with Hernán Baek