J u l i a n a H e r r e r o

My work comes from a concept of spatial sensibility and deals with processes of change related to the ethereal environment analysing also social structures in the daily confrontation with technologies. Moving at the subtle limits of the Inside and Outside, it becomes also site-time-specific, which crystallises mostly in fragile installations and sculptural works as immersive realities. This opens room for participation, i.e. 1:1 interventions live and performances. It expands and compresses in abstract empirical noise paintings as sound frequencies, collages, filmic and video works, exceeding the “medium”. Engaged with vital processes, transformation and growth, I let it play with format and scaledeconstructing, fragmenting and re-layering. I juxtapose sound to visual where beyond the aesthetics I can explore an inner experience of musicality. I am interested in the dialectics of private and public spheres, inner and outer worlds and their osmotic boundaries. I tackle themes that embrace language, communication, life, nature-artifice, perception in their physical and virtual levels. Within my work I attempt to emotionally provoke the audience while leaving an empty space for the imagination


Juliana Herrero: Ausstellungsansicht REM, © Eva Kelety | Bildrecht Wien 2017

Juliana Herrero




1:1 spatial installations, sound installations, musical objects, architectures of atmospheres, transpositions as synesthesia in watercolor as experimental cyanotype, interventions in situ and live, conceptual art

Education: 1986-1992 INSA (today IUPA) Dance and Music / Gral. Roca, R.N. (AR) /// 1994-2000 FADU, UBA Architecture / Buenos Aires (AR) /// 2002-2006 STÄDELSCHULE Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Ffm: 2002-2004 Conceptual Design (arch. class) prof. Ben van Berkel (Postgraduate diploma 2004) and 2005-2006 Film Class prof. Mark Leckey 

Juliana Herrero is a conceptual artist, born in Choele Choel, Río Negro. She was trained in Argentina and Germany, developing later her work across the latitudes.


Juliana Herrero's work has been widely exhibited and she has received grants and awards for artworks and art projects from recognised institutions in Argentina and Austria. She currently works between Vienna and Buenos Aires.