J u l i a n a H e r r e r o




Media Sound Installation

Site specific - in the context of "random thoughts of a daily light", das weisse haus, Vienna

Steel cable, mini speakers, stereo sound in loop – voice, led light; variable size (about 200cm x 320cm x 240cm)

Exhibition views

1-photo © Joanna Pianka | eSeL; 2-photo © Christina Werner; 3-photo courtesy of the artist

Plateaus reflects on the spaces of the information era. It returns to Borges’ literature, commenting on the idea of endless references to places, stories, and memories. Not yet thousand, it allegorically undergoes a deleuzian-guatarianian idea of multiplicity, where we see the Plateaus rising as utopian landscapes and expand from the digital in its physical form. The audio features a human voice that whispers fictional cities. The sound piece, interpreted and phonetically relayered by the artist, becomes descant to the material and the so-called virtual worlds resonating in the emotional perception.

Video Teaser of Plateaus