J u l i a n a H e r r e r o




PCMA polymer composite material in architecture

Surface workshop. AHO Oslo. Norway 28.10 08.11.2002

I project team I erik bierkevedt nordbye, juliana herrero, gabi schillig, siri sverdrup lise 

This project studies characteristics, possibilities and limitations of polymer and composite materials. We formulate the hypothesis that 'form Structure and aesthetics' become an articulated surface and from this beginning point we created a form that take the advantages of polymer and composite materials.

A form that relies on this specific material, and could hardly be built in any other. The form consists of double curved surfaces which in themselves have a certain surface articulation. The articulation is made by the folds which embrace the tubes. The so created self bearing structure is defined in both directions, creating a pattern that surrounds the form. This is the point where the construction becomes an aesthetic issue.

Our aim, designing the form, was to achieve certain effects like translucency, light and shadow, density, texture, dizziness or security by using certain tools such as : layers, microstructure, artificial light, fiber, twist and angle distortion.

All these certain effects represent our designed form and its appearance according to the material. The parameters are ordered and tested through several experiments within a layering principle. The structure concept articulates cross pipe rings within the layering system of fibbers and epoxy.