J u l i a n a H e r r e r o


2002, Photodographic work expanded from a "derive excersice" 

Plaza de Mayo, BA

Exhibition views: Roman Vogl


'Under the visible fashions which disappear and reappear on the trivial surface of contemplated pseudo-cyclical time, the grand style of the age is always located in what is oriented by the obvious and secret necessity of revolution. '

Guy-Ernest Debord, The Society of the Spectacle, Chapter 6 "Spectacular Time"

Source: http://library.nothingness.org/articles/SI/en/display/

*Pregnant Buildings* is a photographic work emanated out of a derive experience in five blocks and squares around Plaza de Mayo. It is focused in the ephemeral clothing of the city, dressing and undressing once again, revealing a present in continuous change. The urban envelope quotes a filmic experience of other times, behind the curtain, the city metamorphosis, hides its alienation of production, its making off of the new. Inspired on the Situationist International (SI) of the 60. Buenos Aires at the edge of the millennium (...)


Photographic work by Juliana Herrero in context *Derive in Buenos Aires*, Cat. Mele, UBA Bs.As. 2000

Derive with Galatea Temerlin and Carolina Van der Meulen I Projected in context of BA IN WIEN / ROTTERDAM travelling exhibition. 2001 Vienna, Semper Depot. Berlage Institute, Rotterdam.