J u l i a n a H e r r e r o


2004 Second home, Lanzarote

concept, materials, models, various scales

This is a house a I did for Jochen and Rivane 

Timeless Garden is a holiday house in concepts, models and various basic research materials assessing the program of Städelschule SAC (Diploma) and the wish to contribute to the construction of “pioneer ideas” on shifting disciplinary territories in the arts. Architecture as immersive reality: also in the one of the “model”. Conceived at the time of the studies as “Inverted gardens” due to a dynamic of inversions that modeled its process, the house has been re-baptized later as “Timeless Garden”. Intending so, to go beyond the processes, to illuminate the idea of what the rhythm of tides actually does, the immersion, the eruption of a micro-section. Designed to be the second home for Jochen and Rivane, the house alternates its possibility of inhabitation according to the rhythm of the tides, weather and seasons, shifting from private to public on its use. At the time the project was initiated, they were living in Frankfurt and Belo Horizonte. The project situated somehow at the middle way, in Lanzarote, was tracing back the distances in between two continents. The project, both conceptually and physically, refers to gardens through a dynamic of inversion. The inversion brings water into the inhabitable space and sees the water surrounding it.