J u l i a n a H e r r e r o




Emotionale Passagen WUK, Vienna

Exhibition organised by Grosses Schiff

2012 Video-installation with intervention live

animated photos, heart beat, plastic envelope,

intervention live: Ivana Reyero

video-installation: Juliana Herrero

The video brings to life within a heart beat photographs from the series Pregnant buildings taken by the artist during a derive experience in the surroundings of Plaza de Mayo in1998. As an attempt to capture the ephemeral “clothing” of the city within its dressing and undressing once again, this work tries to grasp a present in continuous change. The urban envelope quotes a “filmic” experience of other times, where behind the curtain, the city, hides its alienation of production, the making off of the new.

The video is intervened with a performance by Ivana Reyero, live, that focussed on a rhythmical transformation. The movement that overlaps latent motions and accelerations, creates a counterpoint to the filmic envelope, through a mutant and vanishing synthetic surface.

Inspired on the Situationist International (SI) of the 60. Buenos Aires at the edge of the millennium.