J u l i a n a H e r r e r o





2014 steel cable, mini speakers, stereo

sound in loop


2012 water colour, sea water

Exhibition Transitions of Energy at Kajaani Art Museum 

Curated by: Lorella Scacco

featured at: DROME magazine

Photos: casaluce* 2016

Milieu is a sound floating landscape that in its “physical but ethereal embodiment” highlights the contrast between nature and artifact, analogue and digital, inside and outside. Moving within “inner” and “outer” worlds, in this context the piece is transposed to discrete visual pieces: “Blues en Sol Menor” (2012) that are correlative to an “inner perception of sound” that can be read quasi synesthetic and belong to “other realities” exposing rather an emotional side depicted on water color and sea water, like sound frequencies or a heart beat.

Personal insights and public crises of social structures are depicted in the daily flow of nowadays communications, specifically in internet social networks. This osmotic and permeable matter that expands from electronic and wireless artefacts is travelling at different frequencies around us. The artwork comments on the density of this invisible traffic reflecting messages captured wall to wall. The immersive ethereal network structures follow the concept and diagrams of distributed networks as suggested by engineer Paul Baran in the 1960s. The emitter environment displays a sound collage in which narratives originating in the internet social networks are randomly overlapping. The collage, an embodiment of virtual creatures, whispers intimate messages and news. The machine voices attempt to deconstruct the original data expanding it into a new fictional reality.

Video Teaser of Milieu

Site-specific settings:​

(2017) Transitions of Energy, K. H. Renlund Museum, Kokkola (FI)

(2016) Transitions of Energy, Kajaani Art Museum (FI)

(2015) Premio Fundacion Andreani a las Artes Visuales, Centro Cultural Borges (AR)

(2015) Transitions of Energy, Kunsthalle Lab Bratislava (SK)

(2015) Überschreitungen, Symposion Lindabrunn (AT)

(2014) paraflows .9 Intimacy , Künstlerhaus Vienna (AT)