J u l i a n a H e r r e r o





Architechture Class Staedelschule Frankfurt a.m. 

Material Vision Frankfurt Messe

Juliana Herrero, Aleksandra Raonic, Lindsey Webb

The main distinction between plastic and other structural materials is that plastic is a liquid itself. Changing the temperature conditions it becomes a liquid in motion, hydraulic, dynamic liquid, a machine, or again a structural surface, a membrane. 

Inspired by the seminar of Dr. Beatriz Colomina, this project is underlining the parallel between artificial liquid machine and the biological one - a human body as a liquid container, a plasma, that carries solid cells and organs. The anatomical fragmentation of the body is not new, has been known as a phenomenon dating from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, since early modernity, in other words, since the emergence of the new insights and technologies concerned with viewing the body anatomically. This liquid machine has been largely modelled after biological machines. The plastic plate is folded to respond our own anatomic needs and desires, becoming anatomic chair, a leisure machine as body extension.