J u l i a n a H e r r e r o



2011 Installation, site-specific in the context of Emotionale Passagen 2011 LAI (Lateinamerika Institut, Vienna)

Slide show, couch, written posters, canon voice piece

“La Mia Camera” in its very first version, dissects and resembles the original wall diaries from which “Extimum” expands. Deconstructing the volumes in space and time, they are set to fit the interior of an existing wall combined with the projection of a room that relates to the idea of space itself: a room of an otherness‚ that evokes in the void the space where those texts where composed. The projection is subtly extended indeed through the original posters of the Kaisserstrasse 47. The series of eloquent fictional diaries combine newspaper reports with personal notes. The voice interprets a cannon of the "First" lesson. "With this texts I  learnt the German language". JH