J u l i a n a H e r r e r o



2014 Installation, site-specific at the Kunstzelle WUK

Backlight object, various personal items, soundtrack loop

Gegenlichtobjekt, verschiedene persönliche Gegenstände, Tonspurloop

The artistic work La Mia Camera inhabits a former telephone booth and creates an intimate space that questions the dialectics of private and public spheres, of the inner and outer world. An intervention in the form of a downscaled room connects the parallel realms of different times and spaces. The former telephone booth, an industrial product, which as such is about to disappear, envelops a minimalist, introverted space that turns to the public. A sound collage of a fictive diary that combines newspaper articles and personal notes resonates from the booth to the outside.

Excerpt from the press release of Kunstzelle WUK