J u l i a n a H e r r e r o



Sound Installation

Steel cable, mini speakers, sound in loop;

variable size (about 140cm x 30cm x 200cm)

Tundra is a sound floating landscape from the series "Sabana, Estepa, Tundra "that rises as a utopian fragment, a digital "matrix" in its physical form -a sound installation of steel cable and mini speakers. It develops from articulated equilateral triangles evoking the infinity of the landscape. The audio stratifies found materials such as the sound of wind, as well as concrete poetry that alludes to the cold steppe (electronic voices) and guitar harmonics created by the artist. The work contrasts nature and artifice, its light tactile form and electronic cables. Approaching the concepts of post-humanism and anthropocene, it becomes at the same time a metaphor of the processes of change, capturing a specific moment of a floating landscape that potentially inscribes a multiplicity of them.

Video Teaser of Tundra