J u l i a n a H e r r e r o




Sound Installation

Steel cable, mini speakers, sound in loop – collage; variable size (about 140cm x 30cm x 200cm)

Tundra is a sound floating landscape from the upcoming serie “Sabana, Estepa, Tundra” rising as utopian fragment, like expanded from the digital in its physical form. It evolves from an articulated triangulated waved wire matrix that evokes the infinity of the landscape, generically, and the cold steppe, specifically. The sound re-layers the wind, tundra poetry and instrumental noise, which deconstruct found footage materials sourced on youtube as the wind, self composed instrumental fragments and text that is read out on electronic voices. The contrast between tactile and electronic, natural and artificial sounds grasp a poetical approach to concepts around post-human and Anthropocene, while the articulated structure becomes a metaphor to processes of change capturing a frozen moment of a floating landscape that potentially inscribes a multiplicity of configurations.

Video Teaser of Tundra