J u l i a n a H e r r e r o

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studio das weisse haus 
Artists' dialogue: Juliana Herrero, Sissa Micheli
Daylight and Night Set

Sissa Micheli, A Mountain Phenomenon, 2014
Rescue blanket, 30x30x30cm

Copyright: The Artist & Bildrecht Wien.
Juliana Herrero, M : 1 excerpt of Milieu, 2014
Steelcable, mini speakers, stereo sound in loop - electronic voices, variable size (about 120x30x240cm)

Copyright: The Artist & Bildrecht Wien. 
Photo: Sissa Micheli

Juliana Herrero and Sissa Micheli invited each other to interact on each other's work in both of their studios.

On occasion of the OPEN STUDIO DAY of das weisse haus both spaces will host a unique temporary set, which is interrelated. Each artist is challenged to cross the limits of the own work by creating two temporary pieces for one day. The works deal with spatial, temporal, real and virtual dimensions.