J u l i a n a H e r r e r o




Watercolour, Meersalz

3 of a Series of 8

Ausstellungsansicht, © Eva Kelety | Bildrecht Wien 2017


The art works made out of paper, water colours and sea salt evolve from the essence of Herrero’s musicality and in their abstractness they create an inner sound experience with the attentional observer.

These pieces move away from the analytical into a conceptual but also emotional approach. As sorts of sound frequencies of the heart beats, they appear quasi synesthetic. The work inscribes the connotation of free play in the composition. It also alludes to a bright experience of the visual as sound or the memory of sound on what we see.

So far, the Blues evolve from the daily process, which is a relevant part of the work but still invisible. The abstract paintings stand to capture the essence of inner musicality. 

Bildraum 01