J u l i a n a H e r r e r o



2003 Digital garden, computer generated pictures of growth

This series of stills is a spin-off from studies on a garden analysis of the Glass House by Lina Bo Bardi. The work focusses on a time based set-up and the correlations of natural phenomena of growth applied to conceptual models in architecture, or, to be more specific: in the eruption of the micro-section. The studies underline sequences of rhythms: latent (geological time), slow (foliage growth) and ephemeral (inflorescent), proposing seasonal scenarios manipulated through growth accelerators incorporating parameters related to weather conditions. These scenarios created a two-sided relation when the vegetation inflorescence occurs: how the space is perceived. It seems to be bigger in winter with its decrease, and the opposite in summer, as the space seems to immerse into nature or nature seems to expand into the interior.