J u l i a n a H e r r e r o



2012 water colour, sea water

Wasserfarbe, Meereswasser 

Größe: 21cm x 29cm each 

photo: casaluce.universe*2016

Blues en Sol Menor relates to a series of works that move away from the analytical into a more conceptual but emotional approach. Similar sound frequencies appear quasi synesthetically and grasp a certain inner experience of sound. So far, the Blues evolve from the process, which is a relevant part of the work contained and still invisible. The abstract paintings stand to capture the essence of its musicality. Like a heart beat, the work inscribes the jazzistic connotation of free play in the composition. It also alludes to a bright experience of the visual as sound or the memory of sound of what we see. The work poses questions of matters of importance. Consciousness comes from inside. 

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